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  • SPLOST 16: 3 1/2 years, 2017-2020, 81.4 million

    Veterans Memorial Park

What is SPLOST?

Capital Opportunities with SPLOST

In 1985, the Georgia Legislature gave counties the option to implement a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, known as SPLOST.  A SPLOST is an optional one percent county sales tax used to fund capital outlay projects proposed by the county government and participating qualified municipal governments.  The SPLOST was conceived and enacted as a county tax for funding the building of schools, parks, roads, and other public facilities. This tax requires voter approval and allows counties to raise funds for projects otherwise funded from other tax sources. 

Who Pays SPLOST?

Your county, your future.

The figure of 44% comes from an analysis done by the Carl Vinson Institute on the impact non-residents have on our sale tax revenue. This analysis was requested by the Brunswick & Golden Isle Chamber of Commerce. 
The report estimates that 37 to 43 percent of sales tax revenue received by Glynn County in 2021 was derived from non-county residents who make taxable purchases in the county. The actual amount contributed to Glynn County’s sales tax revenue by non-residents is likely higher since this estimate does not include an adjustment for purchases Glynn County residents make outside the county.
In addition, the report goes on to state they estimate 43.6% of revenue is derived from non-resident spending based on per capita personal income versus the calculation using just population.  


Your SPLOST dollars
are at work.

SPLOST funds are invested in projects that have long-term benefits and use for citizens of Glynn County.  Residents have input on the list of projects through Town Hall meetings and Public Hearings with the County Commission.  SPLOST funding also helps keep property taxes lower for citizens by allowing tourists, renters, and non-residents to contribute through the 1 percent tax.

Past SPLOST Projects

What projects are approved for a SPLOST program?

A list of approved projects is compiled by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners through a series of listening sessions and public input from the community.  The final project list is approved by the Board and presented to the community prior to the referendum.  The list can be found on the Glynn County website:

SPLOST 4: 5 years
2002-2007, 89.3 million
  • Historic Courthouse – Restoration and addition of parking lot

  •  Public Health Facility – Construction on 4th Street 

  • Fire Station #2 – Construction of station on SSI 

  • North Glynn Sports Facilities – skate park, tennis, basketball, walking trail, security

SPLOST 5: 5 years
2007-2011, 96.8 million
  • Pate Building Expansion – renovate 2nd floor, expand 21,450 sq ft

  • Village Master Plan – New pool and miniature golf, playground

  • Road Improvements – resurfacing, construction, sidewalks, and bike paths

  • Recreation Projects – Facility improvements, fields, facilities, renovations

SPLOST 16: 3 1/2 years
2017-2020, 81.4 million
  • Animal Services Facility – New building, new kennels 

  • Veterans Memorial Park and Courthouse Parking Improvements 

  • Drainage/Storm Management Projects – Island and Mainland 

  • Road Improvements – Mainland and Islands 

Future SPLOST Projects

Partner Entities

  • City of Brunswick
  • Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water Sewer Commission (JWSC)
  • Economic Development Authority
  • Jekyll Island Authority
  • Glynn County Airport Commission


Roads & Traffic Improvements

  • Glynco Parkway Widening – US 17 to Spur 25 – and review of Jetport Road (design only)
  • Demere Road & Drainage Improvements
  • Canal Road @ Glynco Parkway Canal Road Improvement Phase 2
  • Perry Lane Road Expansion & Bridge replacement
  • Extension of McKenzie to Hwy-341
  • Old Jesup Road Improvements
  • SSI Gateway & Torras Causeway Traffic Improvements
  • Roadway Resurfacing Program


Drainage Projects

County-wide Ditch and Drainage Improvements including US 82 storm drainage, plus replacement of failing cross drains, installation of tide gates, and ditch improvements throughout the County


Storm & Critical Incident Preparedness

  • Shoreline Protection Plan Implementation -increase Johnson Rocks for Storm
    Preparation (Grant match for $3M grant from FEMA)
  • Public Safety Multiuse Facility for Emergency Operations, Communications Continuity of Operations Center, First Responder Training Center


General Infrastructure

  • Fiber network connection to County facilities on St. Simons for enhanced communications
  • Public Works Heavy Equipment including bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators replacing old and failing equipment

$ 1,750,000

Fire & Rescue Safety

  • Fire station to support increased call volume near mall area
  • Public Safety Equipment (Fire Engine, Ambulances, Mobile Command Equipment)


Economic and Workforce Development

Community Development software upgrades to provide increased transparency during the zoning, building & development processes


Recreation, Parks, & Culture

  • Ballard Park Improvements
  • Selden Park Improvements
  • Demere Park Improvements
  • Mallery Park Improvements to include Parking, Paving and Drainage


Sidewalks and Trails

  • Mainland – including but not limited to portions of US Hwy 82, Scranton Connector, US 17 South, 4th St.
  • St. Simons Island – including but not limited to portions of East Beach, Skylane, Harrington area, Ft. Frederica north to Marsh, Ocean Blvd, Beachview, Hamilton Rd., Arnold Rd.